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Alessandra is a thirty-five-year-old journalist and author of Taxi Case, a television program from a Genoese broadcaster. The program deals with disappearances, murders and inexplicable mysteries that happened in Genoa and told through the testimonies of taxi drivers. The events that took place during the first episode will lead her casually to investigate a story linked to the secrets of Marco Keller, an important Genoese industrialist who committed suicide a year earlier, and she will find herself involved in a plot that will gradually reveal disturbing aspects concerning the disappearance. of her boyfriend Michele Blier, owner of a well-known pharmaceutical company.
When Simona Derchi, the TV editor, decides to suspend the program, she realizes that a red thread connects the events of the taxi drivers, the death of the industrialist and Michele.
From this moment, a series of shocking and unexpected scenarios will open in a crescendo of secrets, conspiracies and twists, until discovering a shocking truth.